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Midtown is often referred to as the hottest submarket in the Sacramento Region and offers landlords and tenants an eclectic environment comprised of local boutiques, bars, galleries, restaurants and up-and-coming businesses. Tree lined streets decorate a colorful array of buildings and properties ranging from single family residential colonial homes to Class A multi-story mid-rise buildings. Over the last 100 years, a unique environment has been created that cannot be reproduced in any other suburban or urban market the Sacramento region.

Young professionals are flocking to the market to support their desired lifestyle. They want to be surrounded by walkable amenities, enveloped by mature landscapes and immersed in a culture that embraces diversity, creativity and collaboration. They want to be able to walk to a third-generation pub or café and talk to the proprietor about the good old days over a local brew or warm cuppa joe. They want to be able to live within blocks of where they work and to transform their lifestyle from one hour commutes to boots, bikes and public transportation.

Businesses located in the Sacramento Region are now recognizing the recruiting and retention benefits of an enhanced work experience and by locating their business in the urban core they surround their employees with an authentic cultural envelope that far exceeds anything that can be reproduced synthetically.

Interested in locating your business or investing in Midtown? Lets grab a coffee at Temple or a beer at LowBrau. Our treat.

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